Why Insurance Restoration is an Important Part of Contracting Services

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Why is Insurance Restoration Important?

When disaster strikes and your home ends up damaged in the process, it is a massive headache for homeowners. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and leaves many homeowners unsure of what to do or even where to start. That’s where the insurance restoration professionals come in.

What is Insurance Restoration?

Insurance Restoration is when insurance is claimed for covered damages. Hence, this is common for storm-related damages done to homes covered by insurance companies. Working with a contractor who knows and understands the insurance process of storm-related damages and repairs takes out a lot of guesswork for you. For this reason, it takes a lot of the headaches out of the process when you work with a contracting company who knows insurance restoration.

How Can Your Contractor Help?

When choosing a contractor for storm restoration services, it can be very beneficial to choose one that knows how to handle the insurance side of restoration too. No one likes the problems that come with storm damage. And many don’t follow understand the process to make sure the full extent of damages are handled effectively by their insurance. General contractors that offer insurance restoration services are familiar with the insurance processes and can help you with minimizing the stresses of an already stressful situation. Not only this but having insurance restoration services through your general contractor. They know what damages to look for during inspections to make sure nothing is overlooked in your damage claims.

A Storm Came Through, Now What?

First of all, after a storm comes through, find a contractor licensed in your area to complete an inspection of the damages. Even, if you don’t see any visible damages personally, it is best to let a professional take a look. A minor, unnoticed issue can become a major disaster later on if left unresolved. By that point, it’s no longer covered in your insurance, making the problem even worse. When a storm comes through, make sure you contact your licensed, storm restoration professional for a smoother process.

For more information on insurance restoration services at Built Strong Exteriors, check out our Restoration Service page.

A Recent Storm?

Has a storm recently come through? Are you looking for a licensed, professional?

Built Strong Exteriors is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

MN License #BC690370
WI License #1360683

Because we are local to Oakdale, Minnesota, Built Strong’s team of trained contractors are familiar with the storm damage. Particularly, we know the process with hail damage common to the area. Our team knows exactly what to look for in our inspections. As a result, we also know how to handle insurance companies throughout the restoration process.

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