Top 3 Exterior Upgrades for Your Home

Minneapolis Door Installation

One of the best ways to get your dream home is to upgrade the one you already have. Adding an exterior project to your spring and summer to-do list will help you do just that! Not only do these types of projects transform the appearance of your home, but they also add value, safety, and efficiency. A home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in their life, and it’s important to care for it appropriately.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home this season, here are our top 3 recommendations:

minneapolis siding installation

Siding Replacement

Not only does siding provide crucial protection for your home, it’s also one of the first things that catch a person’s eye when they look at your home. In addition to protecting your home, siding adds significant value to your home.


Minneapolis Door Installation

Door Replacement or Installation

Do you want to give your house a facelift but have no idea where to begin? Doors are a great place to start! By choosing a more modern style, updating colors or wood choices, you can really change the look of your home with one simple fix. When you think of changing a door, don’t forget to think of your patio doors, front doors, or storm doors too! In addition to giving your home a facelift, updating your doors adds more security and soundproofing to your home.

Minneapolis Window Installation

Window Replacement

Not only are windows crucial elements to your home’s structure, they also play a fundamental part in your home’s design. They impact the amount of natural light and air that can enter a room as well as your home’s energy efficiency. Window replacement, or window installation, allows you to update the aesthetics of your home while also helping your energy bills. This adds major value to your home and is well worth it in the long run.


If you’re interested in adding any of these home projects to your to-do list, please give us a call! We have helped thousands of homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin increase the value of their homes through exterior restoration. And, if you think your home has experienced any storm damage, one of our restoration consultants will come to your property for a 100% free, no-obligation inspection.