Your Summer Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Summer Exterior Maintenance

With the official start of summer quickly approaching, now is the time to check those items off your to-do list to get your home ready for the season. We put together a checklist so you can get the most out of your space, inside and outside, this sunny season. 


  1. Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

This should be done twice a year to ensure everything is flowing on your home’s exterior. Clogged gutters give rainwater nowhere to run and can cause water damage to your home’s interior and exterior. Remove noticeable debris like leaves and twigs first, then gently wipe out with a wash of warm water and white vinegar that won’t corrode your gutters. If you think you notice damage to gutters or downspouts, contact us for a ​​no-fee, no-obligation inspection


  1. Replace damaged siding

Your siding is one of your home’s first defenses against the elements. Cracks and holes are telltale signs it is time to replace your siding. Unfortunately, damage from hail and storms isn’t always easy to spot. We are happy to come out to your home for free and give you a quote and help with your insurance restoration needs (Insurance Restoration Services | Built Strong Exteriors). 


  1. Power wash the sidewalk & driveway

Enhance your curb appeal with a clean driveway, walkway, and sidewalk. Power washing with a pressure washer will help get rid of years of wear and tear on your driveway and have the concrete sparkling like new.  Be sure to use the proper nozzles, degreasers, and cleaners on your driveway to avoid damaging the concrete.


  1. Wash windows & replace window screens 

Dirty windows not only obstruct your view but also reduce the natural light in your home. Meanwhile, dirty screens reduce air quality inside your home as well. Gently remove your window screens and wash them with hot, soapy water before you move on to your windows. Use your favorite glass cleaner and thoroughly clean both sides of your windows before putting your screens back in. If your screens are too dirty or damaged, you will probably want to replace them.


  1. Get your roof inspected 

Unpredictable Midwestern weather hasn’t been gentle on our homes this year. If you think you have experienced hail or wind damage, it is best to get your roof inspected as soon as possible to detect problems on time and prevent further damage to your home. Request your 100% free, no-obligation inspection from Built Strong Exteriors here: Request a Free Inspection | Built Strong Exteriors


  1. Clean & inspect exterior doors

Your doors are exposed to all elements both inside and outside of your house, including constant human touch. They are often overlooked but are just as important in your home’s upkeep as anything else. Wash the frame with warm water and soap and if you have a wooden door, inspect for warping. Doors in Minnesota and Wisconsin are exposed to changes in temperature and moisture, so it is also important to ensure you have a finish or sealant on your doors to extend their lifetime. 


  1. Tend to the deck

Quite possibly the most trafficked area of your home this summer, your deck may need some love and attention after the winter. Hammer in any loose nails, replace rotted boards, and perhaps find a new stain if you notice yours is fading. You can also see if your deck needs resealing with a simple water test. Pour a bit of water on it and if it beads up, your seal is still working great!


Follow these home maintenance tips and forget your worries! We are here to help you get your home ready for a summer of fun and relaxation.