What is LP Smart Siding?

LP Smart Side

LP Smart Siding has quickly become a favorite feature in the design world. If you are in the market for new exterior siding for your home, LP Smart Siding is a must have. It is durable, aesthetically appealing, and available in a variety of colors. If you haven’t heard of LP Siding yet, don’t worry! We have all of your questions answered here!


What Exactly is LP Smart Siding?

Simply put, LP Smart Siding is engineered wood siding; meaning you reap the benefits of a beautiful appearance of wood siding on your home’s exterior as well as the durability of engineered material. Each piece of wood siding is treated with a formula of zinc borate, resins, waxes, and overlay. This combination of materials makes LP Smart Siding the strongest and most resilient siding product on the market. 


Why is LP Smart Siding the Best?

LP Smart Siding offers 4 elements of protection through its unique composition of materials. Basically, when you choose to incorporate this product, you are choosing to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, we are no strangers to wild weather patterns and seasons. Independent testing has proven time and time again that LP Smart Siding is the most durable product on the market. Hail, rain, snow, and even termites are no match for LP Smart Siding. Another major characteristic we love about this material is that it is sustainably sourced. You can feel good about your investment knowing that it is a highly renewable resource. Lastly, most LP Smart Siding or engineered wood siding comes with a 30-year warranty. You can rest easy that you won’t need to pay for home siding repairs every few years. If you are questioning whether engineered wood siding is right for you, reach out to us at Residential Siding Services | Built Strong Exteriors to chat with a siding specialist. 

LP Smart Siding

Which Color Will You Choose?

Perhaps our favorite characteristic of LP Smart Siding is the wide variety of colors that are offered. With a palette of 16 colors strong, you have a wide range of options to consider to personalize your home to your liking. The ExpertFinish color collection is guaranteed to look great and remain durable for years. The ExpertFinish painting process ensures your color will stand the test of time by providing an even distribution of paint in a controlled-environment. You can further customize your exterior by choosing to mix and match your siding and trim. 


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