Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Siding

Why Now Is The Perfect Time For Siding

The arrival of the fall season brings along a change of climate and dropping temperatures that you and your home need to prepare for. Fall is the perfect time of year to tackle exterior projects on your home, especially siding projects. The siding on a new home or a siding replacement on an existing home is incredibly important to take care of before the harsh winter hits, here are the reasons why now is the perfect time for your home’s siding project.

  • Repairs:

    Fall and winter are moist seasons, and cracked and weathered siding allows for moisture to get in and cause damage. As moisture accumulates through small cracks, the moisture reaches deeper and will freeze in the winter, which destroys your siding from the inside. Now is the time to inspect your siding to locate and repair damaged siding to prevent further and more expensive damage.

  • Reduced maintenance:

    When you keep up on replacing damaged siding, you prevent further, deeper, and irreversible damage from occurring. This makes for reduced maintenance in the long run. Without fiber cement or vinyl siding, homeowners can spend thousands of dollars on upkeep and repairs each year. At Built Strong Exteriors, we install vinyl, fiber, and/or other engineered woods that are built to last.

  • Lower energy costs:

    Winter months are brutal, it’s important that your home is properly protected from the cold and harsh winter elements. With preparation and exterior protection comes lower energy bills since your home will be more heat efficient.

  • Better scheduling:

    Since peak seasons for exterior renovations are summer and spring, fall makes for the best time to get your siding project done quickly.

  • Optimal climate:

    With comfortable temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold to work outside, fall is a season that is ideal for working on exterior projects. Since fall is also a dryer season, this prevents any opportunity for moisture to get trapped during the installation.

  • Curb appeal:

    The fall and winter seasons are the seasons of exterior decorations for the holiday season! New siding can massively enhance your curb appeal, giving you a beautiful canvas to work with when it comes time to put up your holiday decorations.


If you’re looking for siding installation or replacement in Minnesota, you can count on the Built Strong Exteriors team to get the job done right. Let our team of licensed professionals help you get the job done, you can request a free, no-obligation quote online today here!