10 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

10 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Your home’s roof is one of the first and by far most important defenses to elements from the outdoors to protect your home. In order to prevent further irreplaceable or costly damage, it’s critical to address signs of roof damage.

The following issues can indicate the need for roof repairs or replacement:

  • Check inside!

    The purpose of a roof outside is to protect your home’s inside. Look for streaks of light from your ceiling, upstairs, or attic through your roof or signs of stains from moisture.

  • The roof has outlived its lifespan.

    Depending on the type of roofing you have, your roof’s lifespan can range from 10 years to over 50 years. We encourage you to check the age of your roofing material and the lifespan of the materials.

  • Energy bills are unusually high.

    Roofing is meant to keep cool or warm air sealed in your home, if your energy bills are higher than usual – your roof may be failing.

  • There are numerous leaks.

    The sooner leaks are addressed, the more further costly damage will be prevented!

  • Shingles or tiles are worn, cracked, curled, or missing.

    High winds and harsh weather can completely remove shingles and tiles. Sometimes only a few shingles or tiles may need to be replaced.

  • There are streaks or stains along the exterior walls.

    These are signs of trapped moisture and water damage.

  • Excessive mold or moss is growing on the roof’s surface.

    This indicates trapped moisture which will ruin a roof.

  • There is loose or missing flashing around the vents and chimneys.

    Proper support is needed to ensure the roof is structurally sound to avoid any risk of collapse.

  • The underside of the roof decking is sagging or staining.

    This is a sign of trapped moisture which has rotted away boards under the roof.

  • A professional inspection recommends a replacement.

    It’s best to have your roof inspected by professionals once a year or after any major and damaging storms. The sooner any damages on your roof are discovered, the sooner the damages can be repaired or replaced to prevent any further and costly damage to your home.


If you are witnessing signs of roof damage, the time to take action is now. At Built Strong Exteriors, you can request a free no-obligation inspection online today here! Our team of professionals will schedule your free estimate at your convenience.