Your Post Blizzard Exterior Check List

Your Post Blizzard Exterior Check List

Severe freezing temperatures, winds, and storms blew across Wisconsin and Minnesota these last few weeks. The winter storms and extreme temperatures may have left damage to your home, or given you insight into areas of weakness or wear on your home’s exterior that could benefit from repairs and maintenance. 

Running roof and other exterior inspections after brutal winter storms is critical for maintaining a safe home. It’s important to keep your home buttoned up so that you aren’t left out in the cold the next time freezing temperatures blow across the Midwest. 

Here is what to inspect on the exterior of your home after the storm has passed: 

Roof, check for:
  • Heavy snow loads  
  • Hanging icicles 
  • Attic condensation 
  • Ice dams and build-up  
  • Missing shingles 
Gutters, check for:
  • Frozen gutters 
  • Debris build-up 
  • Fallen gutters 
Siding, check for:
  • Broken or cracked siding
  • Bubbles, blisters, or peeling paint 
  • Missing siding
  • Dents, divots, and dips
  • Siding that is hanging loosely 
Windows, check for:
  • Damaged frames
  • Broken glass
  • Loose or damaged shutters

While some of these checkpoints are more severe than others, it’s important that they are all inspected as soon as possible once a storm has safely passed. 

Whether you need to know if your property has storm damage or not, or found damage yourself and need a fast repair, contact our team of professionals at Built Strong Exteriors! We will carefully assess your property for storm damage with a free no-obligation inspection. Our team is here to provide any required maintenance to the exterior of your home so that you can enjoy the safety and comfort of your home all winter long.