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Built Strong Exteriors is interested in working with you! Our Free Estimates provide you with crucial information to help you make important decisions for your projects such as cost, timelines, and materials. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about current trends and materials, and we can answer any questions you have!

We have flexible scheduling, and our staff is happy to work with your availability. We do projects of all sizes. From residential homes to commercial office buildings, Built Strong Exteriors is delighted to help. Our team of experts can tackle minor replacements, to damage repair, to new construction. We service all of Minnesota and Wisconsin and have for over 25 years.

We provide all exterior remodel services such as roofing, siding, windows, doors, insulation, and gutters. A Free Estimate is a great way to figure out all of your options, figure out your budget, and nail down project timelines.

If you suspect your home has storm damage, schedule a Free Estimate today to get a professional’s input. This input is crucial especially when insurance companies get involved. We happily handle insurance repairs. Costly damage can occur when you leave storm damage unattended so it’s best to have us come out right away.

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